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Collect the fall

Silk Garden Floral with Planter

As leaves fall off the  trees and the weather gets crispier, use all the nature’s colors in your home. Orange, yellows, reds and browns will bring you in harmony with the outside world – add to it some aroma candles, say cinnamon, and your home smells like the season too! Add some rustic elements to our table – placements with some dried leaves loosely bound together with embellished ribbons. There will be no end to the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’!

Create a centre piece for your table with a vase filled with rich coffee beans – brown is the ultimate color for fall and with bright orange or deep red flower arrangements – well, the ‘aahs’ follow into ‘ why didn’t I think of it?’ Instead of just the colors you could use the fruits of the season too. Grape vines and bunches look amazing in different hues on a mantelpiece or even as adventurous as crawling up the living room wall – just do not get them in blue or orange!

Always remember that your home is your extension – do not simply copy a better home and garden blindly – do what you like with your home this season.

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