I can smell the grains, I can see the golden fields until the end where I can see, I can feel the warm breeze on my face for it is the season of harvesting.

This picture that you see above shows the Sri Lankan village girls celebrating the harvesting of a rich grain yield. And it surely is the time to celebrate because, after the hard work of months in the large open fields, a great outcome does call for celebrations.

I am totally in love with the colors of the dresses of these gorgeous ladies. Summer season is about 8 months long here in Pakistan and that means that you have plenty of time to play with colors for summer in your home like make small changes, do a couple of DIY projects, add or rearrange the pillows and change their covers as many times as you want, paint the frames of your windows, add a couple of new floor mats in the kitchen, a few new indoor plants would do great too there’s so much that can be done. And this picture above gives me the perfect dose of color inspiration for the summer season.

I am not really fond of darker shades of colors in home, they don’t look good to me even in winters but I’ve always loved light and bright shades of colors that can complement the natural light and make the room look more soothing, open and airy. It’s not that I don’t like dark colors at all but I somehow don’t feel like incorporating too much of color in home, maybe that’s because of a long summer season here.

Colorful pillows for summer

I love the yellow color and floral designs of the pillows. It makes such a nice combination with the plain sky blue ones. I cannot adore that white chandelier of mine even more. And that ikat wallpaper is totally to die for.

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