Have you ever imagined how you playing table football or pinball with your best mate while Super Sunday is on? These are the dreams of many young man and many old ones too. 50 inch wide screen TV, reclining massage chair, Xbox and PS3 on standby and an extensive DVD collection are all things we could expect to see in a room.

You can still build a game room in your house even if space is limited, because all you need are the spare room and some creativity.

Comfy Chair

Probably one of the most important details of your room is the chair. If your games room is worth its salt you should be spending a LOT of time glued to your screen and that means you’ll need a good quality, comfortable chair to help this. A large swivel chair with a footrest should and 180 degree recline is a perfect fit for this.

Widescreen TV

No game room is complete without a widescreen TV and with countless TVs on the market at the moment it can be difficult to pick one for your room. The key when picking a TV for the games room is to select one which has been designed especially with gaming in mind. If you’re more into racing games, or games where the action comes thick plasma TV is probably best for you. Plasma TVs are better at displaying fast moving scenes and they do this with the minimum amount of blur. LCD TVs will occasionally blur the scene if it’s too quick however they are excellent for stills, and slow paced games.

Pinball Machine

The ultimate games room accessory the pinball machine is something we’ve all spent an enormous amount of time on while growing up. Years of misspent childhood were spent in front of the machines flashing lights and it’s no wonder most games rooms have one in testament to this. Pinball machines are relatively cheap and really are a nice touch to a games room, definitely worth the investment if you’re serious about building the perfect games room.

If you have the opportunity to create games rooms go for it. They can make your house look good, your friends will never want to leave and you get countless hours of joy out of it.

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