Make a beautiful wreath for your baby shower!

Are you looking for baby shower wreath ideas? I am so happy you stopped by! I was hosting a baby shower and needed to make a wreath for a special friend.

I needed baby shower girl decorations for our party. The mother-to-be wanted teal, yellow, and pink for her main colors.

Supplies you will need will be a grapevine wreath, colored tulle, floral sprigs, baby shoes, 1/2 yard of fabric to make a bow, and a hot glue gun.

I always like to find things that are a little different. I found these fun little sprigs and thought they would be perfect.

Start with gluing the floral sprigs to your wreath. Cut your springs into smaller pieces. You want your wreath to look airy and elegant.

You can find tulle on smaller ribbon rolls for around $2.50. If you do not know what the sex of the baby is going to be, eliminate the pink tulle.

This next part is easy. Cut your tulle about 5″ long. Tie your tulle to a piece of grapevine and then trim it about 1″ long. Just continue around in the same color pattern trimming your tulle all the same length.

Find some sweet little booties that go with the other colors you are using. I found mine at Cracker Barrel for $12.99.

These shoes were perfect because of the loops on the back of the booties. Trim some tulle to attach them to your wreath.

Again, I wanted something unique for this wreath, so I purchased some nursery fabric. The fabric is called bubble velour. It is so soft and easy to make a bow. Cut a long strip 8″ wide. Tie a simple bow, cut your tails at an angle.

Cut another strip around 1″ and run through the back of the ribbon and attach your bow to the wreath.

This wreath is so soft and sweet. Your mother-to-be may even want to hang it in the nursery when the party is over!

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