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Today’s Little Moment is brought to you by my dear friend and founder of this blog Tracey.  Tracey is an amazing person, a great teacher and a ray of sunshine in everyone’s life.  She is my true hippie friend who always sees the best in everyone!  She recently moved into a new place, and asked me to help decorate her room.  I was excited to highlight her rustic, eclectic, and fun-loving style. The entire room makeover will be posted shortly, but this is my favorite little moment.

If you have room, there is nothing wrong with using a chest of drawers as your bedside table.  In fact, it is a double win marrying both form and function. We chose to move Tracey bed in the center of the room and flank it with a bedside table on one side, and this beauty on the other.  I am totally great with leaving the wood finish and the current hardware. This rustic look suits Tracey personality and style.  However, if she chose to paint the piece and add new hardware, I wouldn’t hate it!

As I have mentioned before, everything in your home should have personal significance.  Tracey collects cigar boxes, so we chose to highlight the box while elevating her favorite picture of her Mom and Dad at a concert in the 70s. Check out that mustache!