The title really works on many levels it’s a very good title to eats shoots and leaves the zero-tolerance approach to punctuation by Lynne truss now that title so great because it it epitomizes the subject of the book which is about punctuation as punctuation and relationship to meaning so if you say eats shoots and leaves like this that means one thing say eats shoots comma and leaves that says something else which is something that she talks about in the book and then lastly freakonomics a rogue economist explores the hidden side of everything now is there anything more boring than he economics you know. Learn how to write a good essay title at Edusson.

You might like a economics but probably most people think it’s very dull so this author was very brilliant about coming up with a way to make economics sound really interesting and freakanomics definitely does the trick okay and that was the good here’s the essay number one whoa boy hold me back I cannot wait to read that history paper the Civil War an essay now how many things can you say about the Civil War don’t you think the title should be just a little bit more specific than that okay so what are some tips what are some ways to come up with a good title of your own what is the pun or the wordplay so here’s some examples of this number one what to Expect When You’re Expecting that’s by Heidi Murkoff now she’s playing with this word expecting sometimes when a woman is pregnant they’ll say she’s expecting so they kind of Heidi I took that concept and made it into a pretty fun title to babies and other hazards of sex how to make a tiny person in only 9 months with tools you probably have around the home now this there’s many sort of self-help do-it-yourself type books to have a title like this Dave who’s a comedian I just took that sort of template and then plugged in some funny words you never expect to see a do-it-yourself book about sex and so that’s why that’s so funny now we have alliteration or rhyme.

So this just means the words when they the start of the word sounds the same right as the other words in the phrase so publish or perish so you hear that Paw Paw publish or perish so it’s easy to remember a beard on bread so again we have some words that are kind of similar the pit and the pendulum so we have that double P again so these are all good titles that use a litter ation now some tips for titles one don’t use a whole sentence you shouldn’t be able to put a punctuation mark at the end of your title it just should be a phrase not a whole sentence in the – don’t use a quotation or somebody else’s title for yours so you wouldn’t write 75% of the students surveyed or not smokers that’s just a sentence it doesn’t need to be a title and then a Moby Dick that’s the name of the novel it’s not the name of your essay.

The importance of establishing the relation between the thesis and the example cannot be understated although it clearly can be under like this is after all the whole reason you are providing the example in the first place best where is Seal the deal by directly stating why this example is relevant another important thing to keep in mind is tied things together all the examples all the sentences they should be well lit the first sentence the topic sentence of your body paragraph leads to have a lot individual pieces to be truly effective it should open with transition that signals the change from one idea to the next it should I really also have a common trade with toys all of the body paragraphs together for example if you used first in the first body paragraph then you should use secondly in the second or if you use on the one hand.

Then the next paragraph should begin with all the other hand do not be to general examples should be relevant to the thesis and so should the explanatory details so not only the detail details examples everything should be closely knit if you are trying to explain why Atal Bihari Vajpayee is a great example of a leader with politics sensibility for the stuff you need to talk about his political achievements as well then we come to the final paragraph or the conclusion the final paragraph represent your last chance to meet your case and as such should follow an extremely receipt format these two paragraph the introductory paragraph and concluding paragraph these are very important and in a way you can say that conclusion is the second version of your introduction because it does in fact contain many of the same features you should be very careful that the concluding paragraph should not be too long 425 well-crafted sentences should be enough it can make or Break an essay so you should be careful a good concluding paragraph really begins with a concluding transition process in conclusion in the end at Sector and an illusion to the hook used in the introductory paragraph should also be made.

After that you should immediately provide area state Of your thesis statement you must keep in mind that it is the fourth of fifth time that you are repeating your thesis and this is necessary this is not a repetition it is necessary to hammer home. This is Impact Re in force is your argument when you are repeating your thesis statement in a way you are we in forcing your ago but it also tired nicely to the second key element of the Conclusion a brief two or three what is enough review of the three main points from the body of the paper is enough just choose the three main points and mention them in your country paragraph having done all of that the most important thing is that your essay should end with a global statement the Global statement here is that it should give an impression To The Reader that the essay has come to an end so a good conclusion a good ending so this is how we can help of a learners write an essay let’s recap what we have done in this season we talked about how the word came out the word is derived from the French Infinity essay that means to try or to attend and that’s why they can’t easily be defined with talk about that it is a literary device for saying almost everything about almost anything I have traditionally been some classified as formal and informal within talked about how to help our students write an essay so we talked about the different stages jotting down ideas numbering the ideas grouping the ideas adding interesting details writing the draft revising the draft.

The college admissions essay is your opportunity to distinguish yourself from the mob of applicants. Follow these steps and stand out you will!
You will need Laziness a bad attitude and no problem with plagiarizing.
Step 1. Don’t give the essay a moment’s thought until the night before it’s due.
Step 2. Write down whatever the heck you feel like, paying no mind to the suggested topics. Shouldn’t schools value creativity? Ignore instructions about word length, line spacing, and margins.
Step 3. Halfway through, prepare a snack to help you think more clearly. Doze off for a while. Don’t be concerned if a little pizza grease ends up on the essay. Admission counselors know that genius can’t be found on an empty stomach.
Step 4. Phone all your friends and classmates to ask what they said in their essays, but never get beyond the topic of the cute substitute chem teacher.
Step 5. Borrow the book report that earned your fifth-grade sibling an “A.” Incorporate any plot summary into your essay, tweaking some details to make the story your own.
Step 6. Mail the essay without letting anyone review it.
Step 7. Don’t let it bother you when you receive a rejection letter stating, “We found it interesting that your life so closely mirrored that of Johnny Appleseed.” That’s a compliment—he’s an American icon! Did you know More than 50% of college applicants are rejected by their first choice school?

I hope you will be interested in the following essay I wrote for US Edusson and will find it useful.

Collect the fall

Silk Garden Floral with Planter

As leaves fall off the  trees and the weather gets crispier, use all the nature’s colors in your home. Orange, yellows, reds and browns will bring you in harmony with the outside world – add to it some aroma candles, say cinnamon, and your home smells like the season too! Add some rustic elements to our table – placements with some dried leaves loosely bound together with embellished ribbons. There will be no end to the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’!

Create a centre piece for your table with a vase filled with rich coffee beans – brown is the ultimate color for fall and with bright orange or deep red flower arrangements – well, the ‘aahs’ follow into ‘ why didn’t I think of it?’ Instead of just the colors you could use the fruits of the season too. Grape vines and bunches look amazing in different hues on a mantelpiece or even as adventurous as crawling up the living room wall – just do not get them in blue or orange!

Always remember that your home is your extension – do not simply copy a better home and garden blindly – do what you like with your home this season.

So, that is it for today’s article. Thank you so much for reading! I hope you liked it. If you did, and even if you did not, please share your opinion the the comments section below. I am very interested in what you have to say, it helps me to make my blog a bit better every day. If you have any suggestions or questions please also leave them in the comments section below. I am reading all of your  comments and taking them into consideration. Thank you and have an great day!

Beautiful palettes make for some of the most inviting and fun beach themed home interior decoration styles. The most inviting colors for a beach themed style in the home include hues of green, blue, and sandy tones such as tans and beige. Beach themed home décor is simple, chic and easy to create. If you are fortunate enough to live close to the beach, you can even create some beach styles on a budget just by taking a stroll along the sand and using the treasures that you find along the way in some of your home interior decoration items.

Seashells and Sand

Beach themed interior decoration can easily be created with the use of store bought seashells and sand or with similar items that you find on your own local beach. Consider making table centerpieces using flat candle holders that have sand on top with seashells sitting in the sand. Seashells can also be used to create picture frames, to hang on the walls around a mirror or doorway or to sit along plant shelves.

For a bathroom, consider creating a wall hanging that uses an old fisherman’s net or a store purchased net that hangs across the wall. You can then add seashells, starfish, and other sea themed items to the net to create a unique wall hanging that will add appeal to the bathroom.


For the colors of a beach themed home interior decoration style, consider sea foam green, light blue, aqua, and similar colors. Light, earthy tones can easily be contrasted with bright colors such as corals, pinks, oranges or dark blues. A seaside theme will often include the use of varied tones of blue offset by a bright color such as a coral tone. Instead of painting the ways with such a bold tone, consider using throw pillows or textured fabrics that include these hues.


Beach themed home interior decoration should include the use of soft, flowing textures throughout the room or the home. Curtains made of twill or a similar light fabric will add a light and airy texture. Consider other similar soft, subtle textured fabrics for the furniture in the room. Many beach themes also incorporate the use of rattan or wicker into the design. Even a simple side table or sofa table made from rattan can really add a sense of the beach to the room.


Beach themed home decoration is contingent on having an open, airy and lighted feel. Every beach cottage or beach home includes a great openness that allows the natural sunlight to shine in. If the room or home that you are creating the beach look in doesn’t include natural sunlight consider making some lighting changes to ensure that there is a feel of nature indoors. Warm, soft lighting that is bright can make a room feel more open and fun while subtle lighting on plant shelves, bookcases and in other areas can also add appeal to special items, books or similar elements of the room that should be recognized.

Giving your living room a new look might be as simple as rearranging the furniture; or adding some decorative touches to reflect the changing season. If you’re looking for a more dramatic change, there are a few things you need to consider first. Is your living room a formal area used for entertaining guests only; or is it used as a family room. How the room is used, of course, will make a difference in the type of furnishings, floor and wall coverings that you choose.

Let’s start with the walls, the largest background area of any room. The most popular choices for living room walls are paint, wallpaper, paneling and wood planks or a combination of a couple of these treatments.

Painting is probably the most popular choice for do-it-yourselfers, for several reasons. It’s much less expensive than other wallcoverings. It’s easier to apply, and if you make a mistake, simply repaint. There are so many colors available today, that this can get confusing.

Take your time, bring samples home and see how the color goes with your furniture and adjoining rooms. Also, if you are planning to sell your home it’s been proven that neutral colors for walls as well as floors will appeal to more people. But that doesn’t have to mean boring. Neutral no longer means that you have to stick with white or beige. These days, many colors come in muted shades and can be considered neutral. If you plan to stay in your home, and enjoy color, there’s no better way to bring it into your surroundings than with paint. You can even provide texture and interest by using different types of paint and techniques such as sponging and stenciling. Advice on these methods and others can be found online.

Wallpaper is another way to give new life to your living room. These coverings come in almost any pattern or theme that you could think of. It might also be a good option if you have less than perfect walls as it will disguise many imperfections. You can even wallpaper over that old luan paneling if you wish. When you start checking out the many selections that are available for your living room, you’ll be amazed. So whether you like Victorian or vintage, classic or casual, the perfect wallpaper is waiting for you!

Speaking of paneling, you may want to consider it for your living room walls. Todays paneling is not the tacky stuff from the 70s. A check online or a walk through a home improvement store will show you how much it has changed. It can be as contemporary or as casual as you’d like. It also has the advantage of being very durable and washable. Also, wood planks are a popular choice for living room walls and these too, can be given different looks, depending on your other decorating accessories.

Choices for living room floors range from wall-to-wall carpeting or wood flooring with area rugs most popular for casual living rooms; to marble or ceramic tiles which are more often used in formal rooms. Of course, if you like, a combination can be used, just make sure the hard surfaces are at the same level to prevent accidents.

Dressing (or undressing) your living room windows is a great way to express your personal style. Here, also, there are many options. First, decide whether you want to make the window(s) a focal point, of if you’d rather make them blend into the background. Also, do you need privacy treatments such as shutters or blinds, or do you like the look of almost bare windows with sheer curtains, or maybe a scarf draped as a valance across the top of the window? Heavy drapes can give a very dramatic look to your living room as well as be an insulating factor against hot sun or cold winds.

Have you ever imagined how you playing table football or pinball with your best mate while Super Sunday is on? These are the dreams of many young man and many old ones too. 50 inch wide screen TV, reclining massage chair, Xbox and PS3 on standby and an extensive DVD collection are all things we could expect to see in a room.

You can still build a game room in your house even if space is limited, because all you need are the spare room and some creativity.

Comfy Chair

Probably one of the most important details of your room is the chair. If your games room is worth its salt you should be spending a LOT of time glued to your screen and that means you’ll need a good quality, comfortable chair to help this. A large swivel chair with a footrest should and 180 degree recline is a perfect fit for this.

Widescreen TV

No game room is complete without a widescreen TV and with countless TVs on the market at the moment it can be difficult to pick one for your room. The key when picking a TV for the games room is to select one which has been designed especially with gaming in mind. If you’re more into racing games, or games where the action comes thick plasma TV is probably best for you. Plasma TVs are better at displaying fast moving scenes and they do this with the minimum amount of blur. LCD TVs will occasionally blur the scene if it’s too quick however they are excellent for stills, and slow paced games.

Pinball Machine

The ultimate games room accessory the pinball machine is something we’ve all spent an enormous amount of time on while growing up. Years of misspent childhood were spent in front of the machines flashing lights and it’s no wonder most games rooms have one in testament to this. Pinball machines are relatively cheap and really are a nice touch to a games room, definitely worth the investment if you’re serious about building the perfect games room.

If you have the opportunity to create games rooms go for it. They can make your house look good, your friends will never want to leave and you get countless hours of joy out of it.

Make a beautiful wreath for your baby shower!

Are you looking for baby shower wreath ideas? I am so happy you stopped by! I was hosting a baby shower and needed to make a wreath for a special friend.

I needed baby shower girl decorations for our party. The mother-to-be wanted teal, yellow, and pink for her main colors.

Supplies you will need will be a grapevine wreath, colored tulle, floral sprigs, baby shoes, 1/2 yard of fabric to make a bow, and a hot glue gun.

I always like to find things that are a little different. I found these fun little sprigs and thought they would be perfect.

Start with gluing the floral sprigs to your wreath. Cut your springs into smaller pieces. You want your wreath to look airy and elegant.

You can find tulle on smaller ribbon rolls for around $2.50. If you do not know what the sex of the baby is going to be, eliminate the pink tulle.

This next part is easy. Cut your tulle about 5″ long. Tie your tulle to a piece of grapevine and then trim it about 1″ long. Just continue around in the same color pattern trimming your tulle all the same length.

Find some sweet little booties that go with the other colors you are using. I found mine at Cracker Barrel for $12.99.

These shoes were perfect because of the loops on the back of the booties. Trim some tulle to attach them to your wreath.

Again, I wanted something unique for this wreath, so I purchased some nursery fabric. The fabric is called bubble velour. It is so soft and easy to make a bow. Cut a long strip 8″ wide. Tie a simple bow, cut your tails at an angle.

Cut another strip around 1″ and run through the back of the ribbon and attach your bow to the wreath.

This wreath is so soft and sweet. Your mother-to-be may even want to hang it in the nursery when the party is over!

I can smell the grains, I can see the golden fields until the end where I can see, I can feel the warm breeze on my face for it is the season of harvesting.

This picture that you see above shows the Sri Lankan village girls celebrating the harvesting of a rich grain yield. And it surely is the time to celebrate because, after the hard work of months in the large open fields, a great outcome does call for celebrations.

I am totally in love with the colors of the dresses of these gorgeous ladies. Summer season is about 8 months long here in Pakistan and that means that you have plenty of time to play with colors for summer in your home like make small changes, do a couple of DIY projects, add or rearrange the pillows and change their covers as many times as you want, paint the frames of your windows, add a couple of new floor mats in the kitchen, a few new indoor plants would do great too there’s so much that can be done. And this picture above gives me the perfect dose of color inspiration for the summer season.

I am not really fond of darker shades of colors in home, they don’t look good to me even in winters but I’ve always loved light and bright shades of colors that can complement the natural light and make the room look more soothing, open and airy. It’s not that I don’t like dark colors at all but I somehow don’t feel like incorporating too much of color in home, maybe that’s because of a long summer season here.

Colorful pillows for summer

I love the yellow color and floral designs of the pillows. It makes such a nice combination with the plain sky blue ones. I cannot adore that white chandelier of mine even more. And that ikat wallpaper is totally to die for.

You’ve just seen your dream realize before your very eyes You’ve established your much desired Home Office Business You’re really excited. You’re really excited! Now, let’s have some real fun your own Home Office

Now, let’s make sure you set up your own Home Office for absolute best results, no matter where you are, that:

gives you a place that’s a joy to work in has great comfort and supportive conditions stimulates your creativity and productivity is a great place to nurture positive client, customer and service provider relationships positions you to achieve a fabulous and abundant income producing Home Business of your very own.

  1. Your Home Office – a designated room of its own

Ideally, it’s best if you can dedicate an entire room in your home as your Home Office. This is particularly important if you’re going to create the most conducive and ‘right’ atmosphere for productive working, successfully associate that space solely with your business activities, and achieve and project a sense of professionalism.

It’s also vital if you’re going to have clients, suppliers or subcontractors visit.

In your Home Office Decorating Plan, the best location in a home is a room right next to the front door so that you have a clear view of the front door entry area of your home when visitors arrive, and you can welcome and usher them in quickly upon arrival. (You may have noticed that most new home designs have this as a feature these days).

This location makes it easier also to close off, or partition off, from the rest of your home.

Keep your Home Office contained and separate if you can. Don’t confuse it with the rest of your home. It’s more professional if you can divide the home office space and its activity from the rest of your home.

It’s preferable not to have your clients having to be ushered in through your home, and encroaching upon, or climbing over, personal home spaces you share with other family members, en route (sometimes perhaps even long and circuitous) to your Home Office.

If this is the only location you can find in your home, then perhaps a separate entry is something you may want to consider.

  1. Your Home Office space – ‘shared’ within another room space

If you’re not able to dedicate a separate room for your Home Office – that’s OK, just find a space in a room where you can locate the best space for your working Home Office.

Designating and sectioning off a part of your living room would work just as well. Perhaps a corner of the dining room, or a guest room would work best for you.

You can use a decorative screen or partition to great effect to define the area. It’s best to find a space that is out of the main thoroughfare of the rest of your home.

It’s best to select a room that isn’t cluttered as your aim is to create the atmosphere, ‘look and feel’ of a successful, purposeful, thriving Business Home Office.

Other possibilities:

  • A stairway landing – if you have a large enough space. In some homes, the area at the top of the staircase may have a space also as the hallway leads to the bedrooms. In some modern home designs, this area is expanded and often called the Parent’s Retreat – could also be used.
  • Convert a closet – that you can install a desk within its walls and outfit with electrical points, with doors that can open up your home office area or close it away out of view.
  • A loft or attic – you could use these spaces effectively for your Home Office.
  • A room over a garage – ideal as it’s away from the main home activity areas, & with a bit of ingenuity & a little elbow grease, you could create a wonderful creative entryway to this Home Office over your garage.

Once you’ve picked your location, you can then go about getting the right atmosphere and mood, and the best layout and placement of your Home Office just right.